Drug bust in North Dakota
Two arrested in Valley City drug bust. Special to the times-Record On Thursday, Nov. 10, two individuals ...

North Dakota: Reasons behind suicide
North Dakota: Health officials seek to understand reasons behind farm suicides BISMARCK, N.D. ...

NORTH DAKOTA GOVERNMENT: State prison can sell hay
NORTH DAKOTA GOVERNMENT: State prison can sell hay, lease pastureland, AG says North Dakota, ...

North Dakota man and women busted on drug charges
RTHWOOD, N.D. - A man and woman were arrested on drug charges Tuesday in Northwood ...

North Dakota News
DRAYTON, N.D. - The region's poster child for meth addiction is doing well. "The old Ross ...

North Dakota Drug News
BISMARCK, N.D. - Drug agents report more cocaine in North Dakota, possibly because of a ...

North Dakota woman arrested on drug charges in Gillette
Gillette woman has been released on bond after she was arrested Monday on North ...

North Dakota pathologist looses license after facing drug charges
MINOT - A pathologist whose medical license was suspended in April is facing more drug ...

North Dakota Man Faces Drug Charges
FARGO, N.D. - A jury has convicted a Melville man on drugs and weapons charges. Gerald ...

north dakota drug, gang related violence
NEW ORLEANS -- Three brothers and a friend were killed in a neighborhood not far ...

North Dakota: New Equipment Helps Cops at Meth Sites
When police find a suspected meth lab, time can be critical they need to know ...

In North Dakota Teen Challenge uses religion to help struggling teenagers
In today's society, troubled teenagers don't always have a lot of choices to help them ...

North Dakota Becomes First State to Legalize Industrial Production
North Dakota - Industrial hemp production becomes legal under North Dakota state law as of ...

North Dakota still has meth problems
North Dakota - Methamphetamine use does not appear to be dropping in Clay County, health ...

Oklahoma - Chris Althoff had nodded off in a drug-induced haze with a video-game controller ...

North Dakota: Man sentenced in meth lab bust
North Dakota: A man who was making and selling methamphetamine while helping build an ethanol ...

North Dakota: Many inmates have used meth
North Dakota: A state prison system official says 42 percent of the women who are ...

North Dakota: Fighting Drug & Alcohol Abuse: Who Are The Lost Boys?
North Dakota: Tonight, the first of a two-part story on a group of recovering alcoholics, ...

North Dakota: 10,000 helping hands wanted
An organization that helps people kick drug and alcohol addictions is asking for assistance. North Dakota ...

North Dakota: Farmers Continue Fight Over Hemp
Two North Dakota farmers are continuing their fight with the government over the right to ...

North Dakota officers recognized for helping to bust meth ring
Noth Dakota - Monday, the U-S Attorneys Office is thanking two Moorhead detectives for helping ...

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Drug bust in North Dakota

Two arrested in Valley City drug bust. Special to the times-Record On Thursday, Nov. 10, two individuals were arrested in Valley City,North Dakota in relation to several drug related offenses. According to Valley City Police Chief Dean Ross, the arrests came as a result of a continuing investigation of illegal drug activity in Valley City and Barnes County,North Dakota. “We cannot stress the importance of continued cooperation between law enforcement entities and the community in our work to control the drug activity in our area,” Ross said. The arrests were made with the cooperation of the following agencies: Valley City Police Department, Barnes/Stutsman Drug Task Force, North Dakota Department of Corrections (Parole and Probation Field Services), N.D. Bureau of Criminal Investigation, and the N.D. Highway Patrol. Randy McGough and Zachary Blotske. Zackary Blotske, 125 Eighth Avenue S.E., Valley City,North Dakota is 19 years of age and formerly of Bismarck. He is charged with possession with intent to deliver methamphetamine (Class A felony), conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine (Class A felony), and possession of drug paraphernalia (Class C felony). Randy McGough, same address as Blotske, is 42 years of age. McGough is charged with conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine (Class A felony). Law enforcement seized drugs, drug paraphernalia, and $1,571 in currency at the residence. Blotske and McGough were taken into custody and transported to the Barnes County Correctional Facility.

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Ecstasy is usually taken by mouth in a pill, tablet, or capsule. These pills can be different colors, and sometimes the pills have cartoon-like images on them. Some ecstasy users take more than one pill at a time, called "bumping."

Among pregnant women aged 15 to 44 years, 5.1 percent used illegal drugs in the past month based on data averaged for 2007 and 2008. This rate was significantly lower than the rate among women in this age group who were not pregnant (9.8 percent). Among pregnant women, the average rate of current illegal drug use in 2007 2008 (5.1 percent) did not change significantly from 2005 2006 (4.0 percent) and was similar to the rate observed in 2003 2004 (4.6 percent).

According to the most recent government funded surveys, inhalant use decreases substantially when teens enter high school; 10th and 12th graders that were surveyed reported the lowest amount of inhalant abuse.

There were 6.4 million (2.6 percent) persons aged 12 or older who used prescription-type psychotherapeutic drugs nonmedically in the past month. Of these, 4.7 million used pain relievers, 1.8 million used tranquilizers, 1.1 million used stimulants (including 512,000 using methamphetamine), and 272,000 used sedatives. Each of these estimates is similar to the corresponding estimate for 2004.

From 1898 through to 1910 heroin was marketed as a non-addictive morphine substitute and cough suppressant. Bayer marketed heroin as a cure for morphine addiction before it was discovered that heroin is rapidly metabolized into morphine, and as such, "heroin" was basically only a quicker acting form of morphine. The company was somewhat embarrassed by this new finding and it became a historical blunder for Bayer.

In 2008, 75.9 percent of teens aged 12 to 17 enrolled in school in the past year reported having seen or heard drug or alcohol prevention messages at school, which was similar to the 75.8 percent reported in 2007, but was lower than the 78.8 percent reported in 2002. The prevalence of past month use of illegal drugs or marijuana was lower among those who reported having such exposure (8.5 percent and 6.1 percent for illegal drugs and marijuana, respectively) than among those who reported having no such exposure (12.1 percent and 9.0 percent, respectively).

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