South Dakota: Advice on the airwaves
South Dakota: Advice on the airwaves In Sioux Falls, Christian call-in show expands reach with Top ...

South Dakota: Sentencing set for doctor in drug case
South Dakota: Sentencing set for doctor in drug case South Dakota, drug abuse, OxyContin Sentencing has been ...

South Dakota former judge guilty of meth trafficking
ASPER, Wyo. -- A former Wind River Indian Reservation judge pleaded guilty to conspiracy to ...

South Dakota Drug News
The Sioux Falls Area South Dakota Drug Task Force executed two search warrants Wednesday and ...

South Dakota Drug News
STURGIS - Jeremy Buchholz’s methamphetamine use cost him a relationship with his daughter, several years ...

South Dakota Couple Fight Meth With Detection Kits
MARION -- After two years in their latest business venture, Joe and Cindi Newcomb hope ...

South Dakota highway patrol seize drug money
A highway patrol stop on Interstate-90 led to the largest cash seizure troopers have seen ...

South Dakota Aids Cases Connected To Meth Use
Eighteen people in South Dakota were diagnosed with the virus that causes AIDS during the ...

south dakota man facing 8th dui
The punishment for drinking and driving apparently hasn't had enough of an impact on a ...

South Dakota Official: Meth manufacturing down, personal use up
RAPID CITY, SOUTH DAKOTA — It has taken a bit more effort to purchase medicine ...

South Dakota prisoner numbers to grow, study says
PIERRE, SOUTH DAKOTA - South Dakota led the nation in prison population growth in 2005, ...

Hemp Bills In South Dakota and New Hampshire Fall Short
South Dakota - Pierre, SD: The South Dakota House of Representatives killed a bill (HB ...

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SOUTH DAKOTA - When she visits schools, drug counselor Darcy Jensen hears kids tell stories ...

South Dakota: Crystal Meth Seized On I-90
South Dakota: South Dakota troopers have seized the largest amount of crystal meth ever found ...

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South Dakota: South Dakota legislators were told today that eleven of 63 inmates of ...

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South Dakota: The suspect who used a gun to rob a Rapid City pharmacy July ...

South Dakota: Program helps female addicts regain life free of lethal drug
Methamphetamine use among women in South Dakota has contributed to a dramatic rise in the ...

South Dakota: OxyContin abuse on rise in South Dakota
When Phyllis Bauerle needed to feed her drug addiction, she didn't go to a street ...

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south dakota man facing 8th dui

The punishment for drinking and driving apparently hasn't had enough of an impact on a Pierre man who is now facing his 8th suspected driving under the influence charge. But a closer look at the 46-year-olds criminal record reveals a disturbing trend. Randall Douglas Krebs has a seven-page criminal history attached to his name listing 15 alcohol-related charges. He's been picked up time and time again for getting back behind the wheel drunk and driving without a license. And for law enforcement trying to keep drunk drivers off the road, a case like Krebs is a source of frustration. From the South Dakota Highway Patrol's perspective, getting drunk drivers off of the road--especially repeat offendersis about saving lives. “Those are the ones who are likely to hurt someone some day,” said Sgt. Alan Welsh with the South Dakota Highway Patrol. Sobriety checkpoints often uncover people making poor choices after an evening out. “I know they believe they will never hurt someone, but the facts and history both show it does happen,” he said. Welsh says repeat offenders, who receive citation after citation are the exception. He says most people caught under the influence learn from it and harsher sentences are probably not the answer. “A person who gets up to that many arrests, are they ever going to change?” he asked. “But is a DUI something you should put someone away for life for? I don't think the public would accept that.” Welsh says when it comes right down to it, drinking drivers make a life or death decision when they get behind the wheel. “I do see the result of it, I see crashes and people injured and that's a huge priority for us is to get drunk drivers and repeat drunk drivers off of the road,” Welsh said. Of Krebs 15 alcohol-related charges, 6 were either reduced or dismissed in court. The States Attorneys Office says while criminal history plays a large role in sentencing, each case is considered on an individual basis and its up to judges across the state to determine a punishment thats appropriate. But Krebs isn't the worst case of repeated drinking and driving South Dakota has seen. Sixty-five year old Jerry Zeller was dubbed "Mr. D-U-I" in 2005 after being arrested for being drunk behind the wheel seventeen times. He's currently behind bars.

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Interesting Facts and Statistics:

The District of Columbia had a somewhat different relationship for these two measures among persons aged 26 or older. It ranked in the highest fifth for perception of great risk of binge drinking among persons aged 26 or older (47.2 percent) as well as in the highest fifth for actual binge use of alcohol in the same age group (24.4 percent).

Methamphetamine causes direct complications to the dopamine system which is directly associated with reduced motor skills and impaired verbal learning.

Among people aged 12 to 20, past month alcohol use rates in 2001 ranged from 19.7 percent for Asians and 19.8 percent among blacks to 31.6 percent for whites. Binge drinking was reported by 21.7 percent of underage whites and 18.5 percent of underage American Indians or Alaska Natives, but only by 10.7 percent of underage Asians and 10.5 percent of underage blacks.

Drug and alcohol addiction stems from a variety of different factors, including alterations in brain chemistry that are known to be caused by prescription and street drugs alike.

Slightly more than half of Americans aged 12 or older reported being current drinkers of alcohol in the 2008 survey (51.6 percent). This translates to an estimated 129.0 million people, which is similar to the 2007 estimate of 126.8 million people (51.1 percent).

Recent treatment data indicates marijuana accounted for 17 percent of admissions (322,000) to treatment facilities in the United States in 2008, second only to opiates among illegal substances.

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