Police push law to stop buyers of illegal drugs Grand Prairie,Texas: City could be second in ...

Drug Sweep in Texas
Drug sweep at PHS nets dozen offenders A Pearland High School drug investigation program that ...

Texas: Syrup city
Texas: Syrup city Houston's cough-syrup abuse raises questions on links between entertainment and risky behavior. For decades, residents ...

Texas dentist facing drug charges
Texas dentist facing drug charges Texas, drug abuse, cocaine, crack cocaine A Pasadena dentist ...

Texas car found in drug trafficking
Two Calgary men are facing drug charges after being nabbed by RCMP west of ...

Texas Drug News
PAW PAW -- Authorities in Texas and Michigan worked to arrest and convict a Hartford ...

Texas Drug News
HOMER Texas -- Claiborne sheriff's deputies charged a man with possession of an illegal drug ...

The number of meth labs busted in the state is on the decline. A report ...

Texas citizens sentenced for marijuana trafficking
After six hours of deliberation, the jury in the marijuana-trafficking trial of Adam Fletcher Young ...

Texas Drug Undercover Operation
An undercover operation puts suspected drug dealers in an East Texas town behind bars. Operation ...

texas drug bust at airport
There was a major drug bust at Lafayette Regional Airport Thursday. Officials say a plane arriving ...

9 arrested in North Texas meth ring case
BONHAM, Texas -- Nine people have been arrested in the two-month investigation of a methamphetamine ...

Woman sentenced for selling meth in East Texas
United States Attorney Matthew D. Orwig announced today that a 33-year-old Nevada woman has been ...

Backlash Emerges as Texas Drug Task Forces Run Amok
Texas - Texas anti-drug task forces, the federally-seeded multi-jurisdiction drug law enforcement machines that perpetuate ...

Texas: Potent meth from Mexican 'superlabs'
Local authorities are seeing far fewer methamphetamine labs in Texas, thanks to tough laws controlling ...

Texas: What's in your cheese? How about a little heroin
Texas - Ahhh, the wonders of cheese! It seems to be intimately intertwined in every ...

TEXAS - Early Releases, Other Steps May Show New Lockups Not Needed AUSTIN - A ...

Texas Join Forces to Fight Prescription Drug Abuse
Texas: Louisiana and Texas are joining forces in the fight against prescription drug abuse. Monday morning ...

Texas: Cornyn visits Dallas on anti-'cheese' campaign
Texas: As he toured a Dallas treatment facility Friday, Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, heard stories ...

Texas: Drug czar will visit Dallas to chat about 'cheese'
Texas: President Bush's drug czar will get a front-line tour Wednesday of Dallas' battle ...

Texas: Local doctor helps fight prescription drug addiction
Larry Hughes is first and foremost a country doctor. His office is out of his Groesbeck ...

Meth Drug Bust in Texas.
Meth Drug Bust in Texas. CORPUS CHRISTI,Texas- More information is expected to be released ...

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Meth Drug Bust in Texas.

Meth Drug Bust in Texas.

CORPUS CHRISTI,Texas- More information is expected to be released later today about a year long investigation into a local Meth distribution ring. 22 people have been arrested so far, nine of those in Corpus Christi,Texas. Two weapons and two and a half pounds of meth were also recovered.

Over the course of the year long investigation involving several law enforcement agencies including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, eight pounds of Meth have been seized, $67,000 in drug money recovered and 35 firearms have been seized.

The FBI says the names of the 22 suspects to be charged in this case will be released today. Several of the suspects are members of local prison gangs and ten of the suspects were arrested prior to yesterday's operation.

The investigation was a joint effort between the Corpus Christi,Texas Police Department, Department of Public Safety, the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

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GHB has gained popularity in recent years as a "club drug" among young people; they are reported to use it mainly for its euphoric and sedative effects.

Of the 20.8 million people in 2007 who were classified as needing substance use treatment but did not receive treatment at a specialty facility in the past year, 1.3 million persons (6.4 percent) reported that they felt they needed treatment for their illegal drug or alcohol use problem. Of these 1.3 million persons who felt they needed treatment, 380,000 (28.5 percent) reported that they made an effort to get treatment, and 955,000 (71.5 percent) reported making no effort to get treatment.

Alcoholism and drug addiction are both treatable. Through drug rehab treatment that is tailored to individual needs, an individual can learn to control their condition and live normal, productive lives.

Among people who needed but did not receive illegal drug use treatment and felt they needed treatment (based on 2004-2006 combined data), the six most often reported reasons for not receiving treatment were (1) no health coverage and could not afford cost (35.1 percent), (2) not ready to stop using (31.8 percent), (3) not knowing where to go for treatment (14.7 percent), (4) concern that getting treatment might cause neighbors/community to have negative opinion (13.5 percent), (5) possible negative effect on job (12.8 percent), and (6) being able to handle the problem without treatment (12.4 percent).

Among the 5.4 million adults with both SPD and substance dependence or abuse (i.e., a substance use disorder) in 2007, nearly half (46.5 percent) received mental health care or substance use treatment at a specialty facility; 10.4 percent received both mental health care and specialty substance use treatment, 33.3 percent received only mental health care, and 2.8 percent received only specialty substance use treatment.

75% of the individuals that were arrested during 2009 in relation to domestic violence were under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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