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Drug Rehabs in Alabama

The State of Alabama with its population of about 4.8 million residents is a state which is famous for its beaches, food, arts, culture, and sports including the Talladega Raceway. Like every other state in the nation however, Alabama also faces many challenges in regards to substance abuse and how to make treatment available to all residents in the state. Because so many parts of Alabama are rural, this can be even more challenging than in other parts of the U.S. The state is also conveniently placed for drug traffickers, who utilize the states access to the Gulf of Mexico as a reliable drug trafficking point to smuggle drugs into the state and then throughout the nation. So the residents of Alabama have no problems when it comes to access of drugs and alcohol, which of course can make an already bad problem even worse.

Statistics and studies show that an average of 7% of Alabama residents are experiencing some type of drug problem and are engaged in drug use at some level, whether it is an acute or chronic problem. One of the major problems facing Alabama and the rest of the nation is non-medical use of prescription drugs, a problem which has continually worsened in the state and throughout the U.S. over the past decade or so. Drug users in the state often turn to prescription drugs, which can be much like illicit drugs in their effects, because prescription drugs are legal and easier to obtain. Doctor-shopping to get a fix is a very common occurrence for someone who is abusing prescription drugs for this purpose, and this often results in insurance fraud and other illegal activities much like someone with any other drug problem would get caught up in. Unfortunately, the effects of prescription drugs can be very similar to illicit drugs when someone in Alabama wants to gets high, but so can the side effects. So people are dying in Alabama all the time from various sorts of prescription drug overdoses.

Other drugs of choice in the state include marijuana which is becoming an even bigger problem because of efforts to downplay the drug's potential hazards in order to legalize it, and methamphetamine is also a major problem in the state. Admissions to drug rehab programs in Alabama reflect that marijuana is the most commonly reported drug of abuse, although this may be a result of individuals in rehab programs because they have been ordered to do so by the court system for example. Indicators for methamphetamine are likewise grim in Alabama, and meth lab incidents have been on a sharp increase for the past several years in the state.

Even though many portions of Alabama are dry or have strict restriction on when alcohol can be bought or sold, the statistics for alcohol use and its consequences remain disheartening to say the least. Alabama Drunk Driving Stats in the past five years show almost 1,500 DUI, under the influence fatalities compared to 259 in the past year. The most recent reports show that 32 percent of traffic-related fatalities were due to DUIs.

Fortunately for Alabama residents, the state has some of the best treatment centers available. These facilities range from those which offer outpatient treatment to inpatient drug treatment centers and even residential facilities which very often provide affordable yet extensive and comprehensive enough plans that will give guidance, support and restore hope for individuals who have all but given up at ever living a drug and alcohol free life.

There are even programs which cater to either men or women exclusively, and programs which provide beds to clients children in the event that there is no other option for mothers who desperately need help. Programs that are faith-based are sought after by individuals who want to incorporate their faith into the treatment process, and such programs may even offer treatment at no cost. It is important for anyone looking for treatment in Alabama to find the program which highlights the need to not only address acute physical obstacles, but also work to address any mental and emotional challenges and needs, including spiritual needs, which could lead to the ultimate breakthrough for them in their lives. The most common types of programs in Alabama are 12-Step drug rehab programs, which provide clients with practical guidelines to help them become involved in a continuous process of recovery. There are alternatives however, including drug rehab programs which use practical life tools and educational materials to help with recovery, and these programs offer a more permanent solution instead of insisting the individual remain in recovery for the rest of their lives.

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