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Drug Rehabs in Connecticut

Substance abuse and addiction can be very misunderstood problems, and therefore can go unaddressed for so many Connecticut residents who struggle with these problems. But if you are concerned that someone you care about is struggling with any type of substance abuse problem, it is very important that something be done about it right away. First it is important to understand that addicts often make excuses for their substance abuse, which can cause loved ones to also easily go into a state of denial. But this is something that everyone must be vigilant about, because the consequences of substance abuse of any type can be so dire. The first step is seeking out a drug treatment programs that is appropriate for the level of addiction and dependence being addressed, and get all of the help and guidance needed to get a loved one into the best treatment program possible in the state of Colorado.

To understand the scope of the drug problem in Connecticut, one must understand that because of its close proximity to the NY drug market, every kind of drug imaginable is accessible to residents in the state who can very often afford to fund a drug habit for quite some time. Alcohol however remains the most commonly used substance among Connecticut residents, and over 60% of residents ages 12 or older are current users of alcohol. Marijuana is the most abused illicit drug, and rates of use of the drug have only increased recently with about 40% of adults in the state reporting use of the drug at some point in their lives.

One of the most recent and alarming drug problems in Connecticut that all residents should be aware of is the readily available and accessible high purity level heroin and the significantly increased rates of use in recent years among residents in the state. The average purity level of heroin recently found in the state is around 70-80%, and the rate of heroin use among adults exceeds the national rate with an estimated 40% of treatment admissions to drug rehab programs reporting heroin as their primary substance of abuse. Heroin overdose deaths in Connecticut mirror the rise in use rates, a problem which has likely developed because heroin users who had previously been involved in non-prescription use of prescription opioids find it easier to maintain a heroin habit.

One of the most insidious substance abuse problems in Connecticut is non-medical use of prescription drugs such as pain killers and sedatives. The problem is so bad, that the number of prescription written in the state last year for controlled substances was double the amount of residents that live there. So these powerful drugs are being irresponsibly prescribed, but highly sought after illegally and even through "legitimate" means such as doctor shopping and feigning ailments to get these drugs for abuse. But prescription drugs aren't safe to abuse as some would imagine, and prescription opioids account for more drug mentions involved in multiple drug-related deaths than any other drug in the state.

Because any of these drug problems and alcoholism can take such a toll on residents, it is important that quality drug treatment options are available to anyone who needs it. But all drug rehab programs aren't the same and this misconception could set someone up for failure if they choose a program which isn't suitable for them and their level of drug of alcohol dependence. The drug rehab programs in the state which only offer very brief intervention such as detox services to get clients through withdrawal but don't provide further services won't provide lasting results for most clients. Most are simply just a waste of time, no matter how bad someone wants to live clean. There are far more extensive and comprehensive programs in Connecticut however which provide a lasting and permanent solution, not just a promise of a quick fix. These programs will be much more involved and most often require a stay of anywhere from 90-120 days, and help address issues that will prove beneficial once the client leaves rehab and tries to lead a happy and drug free life. For example, many programs in Connecticut provide essential behavioral therapy, life skills training, and encourage clients to make important lifestyle changes that they will need to make to ensure they don't fall into the same traps they did when they began using drugs. These rehabs can be categorized into a numbers of different programs and facilities including inpatient and residential facilities which offer treatment to meet the needs of all types of clients including males, females, gay and lesbian clients, as well as youth and even seniors.

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