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Drug Rehabs in Pennsylvania

There are several important aspects to be taken into consideration when thinking about drug rehab in Pennsylvania. While this state is best known for its historic monuments, Pennsylvania has a darker side. Over the past two decades Pennsylvania has experienced an increase in alcohol and drug addiction cases as well as a rise in human trafficking activities. Drug Enforcement and Law Enforcement Agencies have regarded certain specific regions of Pennsylvania as high intensity drug trafficking areas, including Camden and Philadelphia.

While crack and powder cocaine account for most of the federal drug related arrests in the state, heroin has been a constant issue in Pennsylvania. This is attributed to its relative abundance due to the South American drug cartels. Heroin drug traffickers are on the constant lookout for new customers in Pennsylvania's rural areas and smaller towns. Heroin drug treatment admissions account for over 14% of Pennsylvania's drug rehab admissions, and around 20.8 Kg were confiscated by the Drug Enforcement Administration.

As mentioned before, cocaine is considered to be the primary drug of abuse in the Pennsylvania. However, heroin treatment admissions contributed to a major part of the total drug rehab admissions in Pennsylvania. Federal Law Enforcement Agencies seized around 739 kilos during 2007, with 44% of those arrests being made for the possession of the drug. Crack and powder cocaine are typically the most commonly abused and preferred drugs in the state.

Marijuana accounts for nearly 10% of the arrests being made by Federal Law Enforcement Agencies in Pennsylvania. In 2007, federal drug seizers captured a total of 571.5 kilograms of marijuana. This has lead to a significant rise in the number of drug rehab admissions in Pennsylvania. States that have comparatively relaxed marijuana laws are experiencing on average a 30 percent rise in marijuana rehab treatment admissions.

The number of cases of the methamphetamine addiction and abuse has declined, with Philadelphia being the primary area of the activity. Meth lab incidents peaked at 106 in 2004, before dropping down over the next few years to eleven. Mexican drug cartels maintain sufficient level of their product to Pennsylvania's meth addicts, with trans-shipments coming to and from Philadelphia.

Pennsylvania addicts looking to enroll in drug rehab have three methods to choose from. Around 95% of the treatment options available in the Commonwealth are 12-step drug rehab centers. Other treatment programs include non-denominational Christian based programs lasting on average about 12-18 months. In order to achieve lasting sobriety, research has shown that the best results take place when the program participant enrolls in a long-term program lasting 90 days or longer.

How to Find the Right Drug Rehab Center in Pennsylvania:

Rehabilitation centers usually offer a variety of treatment options for clients, taking into consideration the specific needs of the program participant. The common type of treatment option for most individuals is a 12-step program. In addition to this type of treatment, there are some programs geared towards the specific needs of younger clients.

When finding a rehab center, the cost is often a major concern. The cost of drug rehab treatment tends to vary from one treatment center to another. Drug rehab centers with better accommodations, quality facilities, and successful programs are likely to charge higher prices than the average ones with lower success rates.

With that said, your decision to overcome addiction is to be commended. Choosing the right program to meet your needs is critical for achieving your dream of lasting sobriety. Before rushing into a program, call around and inquire about each rehab centers options, philosophies and treatment methods. Compare your options, and make your decision on what will work for you. Once the decision has been made, apply yourself 100% and you will find that with hard work and dedication you will achieve true recovery from your addiction problem.

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