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Drug Rehabs in Maine

Drug addiction affects many individuals in Maine. Very often addiction goes untreated, for various reasons including denial but also because it can be difficult to consider living a drug-free life when it has become such a crutch in one's life. The dependence is both physical and psychological in many cases and even the strongest willed person simply can't stop addiction on their own, and will need professional help in doing so. In Maine, there are programs to help accomplish this with a number of different treatment programs and settings that can help individuals recover from any type of addiction.

To understand the scope of the problem, a new report shows that Maine has the highest rate of addiction to prescription pain killers in the nation. And to highlight the seriousness of this, it is affecting the youth in the state as well with between 10% and 15% of Maine high school students reporting non-medical use of prescription pain killers within the last month. Alcohol consumption is also a serious problem among both youth and adults in the state, with over 25% of high school students and 50% of adults reporting current alcohol use and 3 out of 10 state residents between the ages of 18-25 years old reporting current binge drinking.

Thankfully, effective treatment is available, and addicted individuals and their families have the choice of entering either an inpatient residential facility or an outpatient rehab program. While many addicted individuals in Maine prefer outpatient rehab programs, these programs don't suit every situation. Individuals who have developed a strong dependency to drug and alcohol are advised to choose the inpatient and residential rehab programs that are just as accessible in the state because these programs are better tailored to help the individuals cope through the initial effects of their abstinence and then receive the exact treatment necessary to address any underlying issues that brought on their addiction in the most appropriate environment. So take this into consideration when choosing the best program for you or a loved one in Maine, and always consider the rate of success of the program being considered.

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