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Drug Rehabs in Tennessee

The state of Tennessee has the eighth highest drug overdose mortality rate in the United States. Since 1999, the deaths caused by drug overdose have doubled in the state. The greatest drug threat throughout the state is cocaine in various forms (e.g. crack cocaine). In fact, many of the brutal crimes in the state have been directly linked with the circulation and abuse of cocaine as well as its derivatives. However, prescription drug abuse is quickly becoming a notable threat due to the increase in the number of deaths caused by prescription medications. Currently, the number of prescription drug deaths in Tennessee outnumbers those caused by cocaine and heroin combined.

At present, there are over 160 different drug addiction treatment centers in Tennessee. These treatment centers provide services to help residents overcome some of the most common addictions: alcohol, crack, cocaine, opiates, marijuana, methamphetamine etc. There are a great number of Tennessee drug rehab programs that are able to handle specialized situations such as co-occurring disorders and poly-addiction issues.

Addiction is a persistent condition that is difficult to overcome by just discontinuing the abuse of drugs. In reality, addiction is a situation that requires the right care and treatment; particularly if the addict has been taking the substance(s) for an extended period of time. Long-term rehabilitation programs, which take around 90 days or longer depending upon how the patient responds, can help in curing chronic drug addiction through their intensive methods of recovery. This treatment helps the addict to sustain abstinence and get back to his or her normal life. Nevertheless, not all addiction recovery programs require an inpatient stay. A few programs require daily attendance and involvement in group programs. Moreover, a single addiction recovery program may not be suitable for all people. Alcohol and drugs affect each individual differently and that is why recovery from addiction is a personal journey with needs that are specific to each recovering person.

Types of Tennessee Drug Addiction Rehabs:

The decision to undergo drug addiction treatment is often the most pivotal moment in an addicted person's life. Therefore, it must not be made in a hurry, and careful contemplation should be given to decide the appropriateness of a particular program. The most common types of treatment that are available at drug rehabs in Tennessee are mentioned below.

Residential programs require the addict to stay in the treatment facility and attend group discussions, one-on-one counseling and other related activities. Long-term programs generally last for 90 days while short-term programs require the recovering program participant to stay for 28 to 30 days.

An outpatient rehabilitation program is when the treatment center has the recovering person come to the facility during the day and then is allowed to return home at night. This type of treatment program can last for several hours per day over a course of few weeks.

Individual therapy is carried out with a certified substance abuse counselor. This program can be the right treatment method for some patients, and it can also be a part of an after-care program for individuals who have completed a residential rehab program.

Therapy sessions or support groups usually meet on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This type of program is generally offered by certified facilities, community centers, volunteer organizations and churches.

Medical detox is necessary when the individual is physically dependent on alcohol or drugs. During the first few days, through the first week the withdrawal symptoms of certain substances can be harmful and even dangerous for the individual going through recovery. These individuals will need to have their withdrawal process monitored by skilled professionals.

Drug Rehab Tennessee - Treatment and Aftercare:

Just like in other states, recovery therapy in Tennessee rehab centers begins with the detoxification process. This process is performed under the care of a specialized medical team. The experts assist the recovering addict through their most difficult withdrawal symptoms. Additionally, counseling can assist in dealing with the emotional process the individual experiences during addiction withdrawal. The counseling sessions are provided in the form of one-on-one meetings, group counseling and family counseling. The treatment procedures also involve behavioral therapy and occupational therapy that aids in teaching the recovering individual social and life skills. These newly developed skills will make it easier for them to readjust and thrive in their personal and professional lives. One of the key objectives during treatment is to explore the individual's personal history in order to find out the triggers that caused their addiction. With this information, the drug rehab staff can plan a customized program for each particular program participant. This personalization of the client's program will help them learn to respond to a challenging situation in a healthy and positive way in the future.

Aftercare is imperative for a recovering drug addict. Most rehabs in Tennessee offer a wide range of aftercare programs that are designed to support the individual and help them maintain their sobriety after their recovery program is over.

Overall, enrolling in a Tennessee drug rehab is the ideal solution for overcoming addiction problems. With numerous effective treatment options available throughout the state there is sure to be a program to meet you or your loved one's recovery needs. Gain control over life and decide to receive the treatment necessary to make it possible.

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