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Drug Rehabs in Indiana

Recent studies indicate that the state of Indiana falls below or at the national average in every category of drug and alcohol abuse except for one, and unfortunately the drug use category which particularly plagues the state is non-medical use of pain relievers. Statistics and studies in regards to this show that within the past year, the rate of Indiana residents abusing prescription pain killers non-medically was highest nationally and well above the national average for all groups except the 12-17 age group. The three most commonly abused prescription drugs among Indiana residents include pain relievers (opioids), central nervous system depressants (sedatives, tranquilizers, hypnotics), and stimulants. In 2014 alone nearly 13 million prescription drugs were dispensed to Indiana residents, about half of which were prescription pain killers which are highly addicted when used non-medically and dependence inducing even when used as prescribed. As a result, the state experiences hundreds of unintentional deaths associated with this problem each year, and in 2009 there were 929 such deaths.

Methamphetamine also remains a popular drug of choice in the state, and the indicators of this don't reflect that the problem is getting better but in fact may be getting worse, and the state has experienced a 94% increase in the number of meth labs seizures since 2011, with 1,416 meth labs seized in the state just last year.

Alcohol is the most frequently used drug in Indiana, and around 22% of state residents aged 12 and older admit to engaging in binge drinking with highest rates of use and abuse being among young adults ages 18-25. An estimated 41% of young adults ages 18 to 25 in Indiana report recent binge drinking, and underage age drinkers also report high rates of alcohol use and binge drinking with 15% reported a recent binge drinking episode. Alcohol abuse and alcoholism effects residents of the state in lasting and devastating ways, and nearly 4,800 residents died between 2000 and 2012 from alcohol-induced causes in Indiana. There were also a total of 8,159 alcohol-related collisions in Indiana in 2013, 180 of which were fatal.

To help curb the problem to assist those already affected by addiction, there are programs and prevention efforts well established for residents and their families. When a drug or alcohol problem has progress to the point where treatment is needed, it is important to provide the right level of treatment and the most appropriate approach to recovery. This is important so that the individual is able to have the most success during their time in rehab and so that it is a positive experience, and not just a brief stint at being abstinent with a relapse soon to follow once they leave treatment. In Indiana there are hundreds of outpatient options, which are programs where treatment clients can receive moderate to intensive treatment while they maintain their daily lives outside of rehab. So these programs are sometimes consider partial hospitalization facilities where clients receive day treatment, but this can sometimes cause problems with easy access to drugs before treatment is complete.

The long-term residential drug rehabs and inpatient rehab facilities which provide treatment for several months are the most ideal programs for individuals struggling with a chronic long-term addiction. This isn't just an opinion, but one borne in facts and statistics according to client success rates. These types of programs not only provide the needed detox services and medical supervision during the beginning stages of treatment, but many hone in on the actual causes of addiction and work through issues with clients as they arrive to set them up for a permanently drug free life. In an inpatient or residential program clients can expect either a traditional approach such as 12-step, or a program which uses alternative treatment such as behavioral modification and holistic treatment for example. This is the decision of the client and their family as to which is preferable, but alternative programs show high success rates and could be a welcome change of pace for someone who hasn't experienced success in treatment through the 12-steps.

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