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Drug Rehabs in Colorado

Even though Colorado is one of the most scenically aesthetic states in the country, it hasn't been spared from the ugly reality or drug and alcohol abuse and its consequences. Illicit drug use is rampant with about 25% of Colorado residents admitting to some type of illicit drug use in their lifetimes. And these drugs aren't hard to come by, with all forms of cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine being widely available in the state. Even though marijuana use has recently become legalized in Colorado, it continues to be a major drug of abuse and its use doesn't come without consequences despite popular belief to the contrary.

Methamphetamine abuse is still a very big problem in Colorado, and rates of this don't mirror the downtrends seen throughout the rest of the country. Nearly 30% of treatment admissions indicate that methamphetamine is their primary drug of choice. Likewise, heroin and similar drugs that cause the same effects as heroin because they are either an opiate or synthetic opiate are also being abused at very high rates in the state. For example, Colorado is one of the states with the highest rates of abuse of prescription pain killers, such as methadone, morphine, hydrocodone, hydromorphone, codeine and oxycodone. These drugs also account for a significant number of visits to ER's, calls to poison control centers, etc. in Colorado. Prescription opioids aren't the only problem however, with 168 deaths involving prescription benzodiazepines in Colorado between 2009 and 2012.

Recovery from drug or alcohol addiction can be a lengthy and intense process, and there are never any promises of an overnight cure. Rehabilitation is a process that involves several steps which are all carried out in the presence of professional treatment staff, and these professionals must off course develop trust with the client so that there is a working relationship that will prove successful during the treatment process. A successful treatment program depends on several things, but the first step is finding a program works for you. All treatments options can be tailor-made for each specific situation to cater to the specific needs of clients, and in Colorado there are several such options to choose from.

Residential and inpatient treatment programs in the state deliver treatment while the client is living in the facility. This makes it a much safer and controlled environment where they will have the full-time support of highly trained staff and their peers as well who are going through the same process and experiencing similar challenges. Addicts benefit from this type of environment because they are able to focus 100% on dealing with their addiction and are not tempted by drugs or distractions. It is a fact that the longer the treatment, the higher the success rate. Short-term rehabilitation is usually thirty days or less. This short-term treatment can be very effective for those who do not have a major drug problem. Treatment that is long-term usually refers to those programs that are more than thirty days in length. These programs can range between sixty days up to a year. It is important that the treatment match the level of substance dependence and drug history. It is absurd to think that a person who has been a drug addict for ten years is going to change their life in a couple of weeks.

Outpatient Programs are very different from residential and inpatient programs in that they involve the patient traveling to treatment daily. Outpatient programs are often far less expensive because they maintain their own livelihood on a daily basis such as food and housing, and treatment plans may include group sessions and therapy which could last anywhere one hour or the whole day. However, this program allows for greater temptation to use drugs, because often times clients are still exposed to drug triggers who are yet to be resolved. A severe addiction problem is not likely to be resolved in an outpatient program.

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