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Drug Rehabs in Arkansas

In Arkansas, rural residents struggle with drug and alcohol problems and can't afford quality treatment as many of them live below the poverty line. To top that off, nearly 20% of Arkansas residents haven't obtained a high school diploma which often predisposes individuals to substance abuse due to the stresses of being unable to have a good quality of life in the state. How this specifically impacts Arkansas residents can vary in terms of location, age group, etc. but the problem is severe. Among youth, over 60% of Arkansas have consumed alcohol even though they are not of legal age to do so, and heroin & methamphetamine use are extremely prevalent drug problems among youth in the state. Among adults, non-medical use of prescription pain killers is a particular problem and one which has a rate much is much higher than the national average. Methamphetamine is also a serious problem among adults in the state, and Arkansas ranks 2nd in meth use among young adults in the nation.

The only effective answer to the substance abuse problems that Arkansas of any age face is quality treatment. Because it is estimated that nearly 200,000 Arkansas need help such help, it is important that residents know where to turn to when they need treatment. Most drug rehabs in the state of Arkansas are open to both men and women. However, some women may not feel comfortable doing a program with males so there are drug rehab programs for women in the state which have become increasingly become crucial for their recovery in particular. These drug or alcohol rehabs for women give women the chance to recover quickly in a safe and comfortable environment.

There are also drug rehab centers in Arkansas which are ideal for those suffering from a co-occurring mental health issue which they are struggling with in addition to their alcohol and/or drug problem. This must always be taken into consideration when treating addiction, which is why programs in the state which treat co-occurring disorders mainly treat drug addiction but as part of the treatment plan address these underlying mental health issues as well. These rehab centers in Arkansas of course respect confidentiality, and work in coordination with doctors and therapists to ensure everything about one's experience is safe and smooth. In many cases, these drug rehab programs can help clients become weaned off of medical drugs which are causing unwanted side effects so they can live a totally drug free life. These programs encourage a more healthy lifestyle and treatment mental health in a more holistic manner in conjunction with the client's treatment regimen for their drug and alcohol addiction.

Many individuals in Arkansas practice some type of religion in their daily lives, and there are many drug rehab programs which can incorporate faith based therapy and ideology into the treatment plan to encourage a full recovery. For example, there are many Christian drug rehab facilities in the state of Arkansas. Some of these may vary in approach, cost, amenities and facilities offered, etc. but most of them tend to focus on the importance of freeing people from drug addiction and alcoholism through building a relationship with God. These centers understand that overcoming drug addiction is a long and difficult process and clients need to remain strong and vigilant with their faith.

Ideally, anyone struggling with drug or alcohol addiction in Arkansas will take advantage of the inpatient or residential facilities in the state which have the highest success rates of resolving addiction. But because so many residents in Arkansas are living below the poverty line, these quality options may not be available to everyone who needs it. In an effort to effectively deal with the situation of drug addiction however, free or less costly facilities have been set up in different parts of the state which often utilize the same therapy types and treatment models so that clients can have a better chance at staying abstinent. The only slight difference is that they may lack some of the facilities needed to speed up the recovery process. Families struggling due to poverty can benefit a lot from such facilities.

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