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Drug Rehabs in Florida

Alcohol and drug abuse among residents in Florida are life threatening problems that threaten the quality of life there, and are problems which should never be neglected. Fortunately there are thousands of drug rehab centers in the state and across country that specialize in all types of drug abuse treatment, and facilities which use the latest treatment methods to help clients experience the best outcomes and highest success rates.

When it comes to the drug and alcohol problem in Florida specifically it is one of the worst off states in the country in several drug and alcohol use categories. It is estimated according to recent studies and research that around 1.2 million Florida residents ages 12 and older have used illicit drug within the past month, and an estimated 440,000 report illicit drug dependence or abuse within the past year. One of the main concerns in the state, and is a program which affects not only Florida but the rest of the country, is the problem of non-medical use of prescription drugs. Specifically, 11% of Florida high school students report lifetime non-medical abuse of prescription painkillers, and it is also a highly sought after drug of choice among adults residents as well. Indicators of misuse of prescription drugs show that five people die in Florida each day as a direct result of prescription drug overdoses, and in 2012 for example there were 735 unintentional overdose deaths involving the prescription pain killer oxycodone, 512 involving methadone, 415 involving morphine and 244 involving hydrocodone. This has in turn created a resurgence of heroin abuse in the state, as prescription pain killer abuser often turn to heroin as a less costly and more accessible alternative.

Cocaine and methamphetamine are also highly sought after and rates of abuse of these drugs are high, as are the consequences of their abuse in the state. There were 1,318 deaths in the state in 2012, where cocaine was either primarily or partially responsible for the death. To highlight the methamphetamine problem in the state, 930 meth labs were reported in recent reports from 2012, whereas other states have shown a decline in such statistics Florida has not experienced the same decline and drug activity concerning the drug.

There are individuals who willingly seek help for substance abuse problems in Florida, and there are individuals that need that extra push to get help. In either case, the state has experienced a resurgence in the number of drug rehabs over the past few years in order to meet the varying needs of treatment clients in the state. Most of these programs feature the classic 12-step program, however there are also alternative programs available for treatment clients who either don't abide by the 12-step ideology because they have tried it in the past or because they would like to try a holistic approach for example. In either case, the most highly recommended programs in the state for people who have been using illegal substances or prescription drugs for an extended period of time or programs which provide an intensive 90-120 treatment plan in an inpatient or residential facility in the state. These programs provide the most appropriate treatment environment in such instances, are completely safe, and are more intensive than milder drug rehabs that don't provide the type of treatment necessary for chronic addicts.

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