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Drug Rehabs in West Virginia

Alcoholism and drug addiction is a global challenge. Many households across West Virginia have an individual struggling with addiction. The United States Narcotics Board noted that one in three people are at risk for developing an addiction problem. Their findings go on to reveal that teens and young adults are most affected by alcohol and drug addiction; potentially creating lifelong substance use issues. In a study conducted by the Trust for America's Health (TFAH) organization, the state of West Virginia ranked highest in drug addiction mortality rates. Their report titled "Strategies to Stop Prescription Drug Abuse" noted that in West Virginia, resident's drug addiction problems have increased by 605% since 2011; more than doubling the national average.

The greatest drug threat to the state is prescription drugs. Prescription drugs such as opiates account for a higher mortality rate than heroin and cocaine combined. In West Virginia, the number of accident-related deaths caused by prescription drugs exceeds the total number of deaths reported in 29 states combined. Teenagers and high school students are the most affected by this problem. The Director of Communication at the Center for Disease Control theorizes that the teen/young adult prescription drug abuse problem in the state can be attributed to many teens having a larger than necessary disposable income. Additional causes behind the state's prescription drug addiction problem include more traditional reasons such as peer pressure as well as exposure to internet and social media. The number of teens and young adults addicted to prescription drugs in West Virginia creates a number of consequences and serious challenges for the communities due to increased cases of crime and other social vices related to drugs. For this reason, rehabilitation should always be considered as a first step towards eliminating this problem.

With more than sixty-six drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs in West Virginia, residents have a multitude of choices when it comes to addiction recovery. Several outpatient and inpatient treatment centers are located throughout the state. There are a number of factors to take into consideration when determining which program is going to be the right fit for you or your loved one. The right program may be an inpatient approach for residents who have a physical addiction to their drug of choice. While on the other hand, an outpatient program may be just the thing for an individual who has only recently fallen off the wagon and is in need of minimal guidance in regaining their footing on sobriety. While inpatient and outpatient treatment are two of the most well-known types of rehab programs, West Virginia has a number of other types of recovery centers that are specialized to meet the needs of different age groups and genders (e.g. men drug rehab, women drug rehab, teen drug rehab).

While the rehabilitation services offered at different programs varies, the overall aim of all alcohol and drug rehab programs is to help the addicted individual overcome their dependence on alcohol or drugs. These services can range from substance abuse treatment, detoxification, sober living/half way houses, chronic pain treatment, holistic treatment, aftercare, and relapse prevention among others. The intensity of the services needed is determined by the severity of the individual's addiction problem. Due to prescription drug addiction being a prevalent problem throughout West Virginia, more than 30% of the drug rehab programs in the state are geared towards treating physical dependence.

When it comes to overcoming addiction, it is important that the loved ones of the addicted individual inquire about the services offered at the facilities being considered before enrolling the person. Rehabilitation is about total lifestyle change. When enrolled in the right program, the individual will learn the necessary skills to thrive while living a clean and sober life. To prevent future relapse, many drug and alcohol treatment programs will offer support services to their clients after they leave their facility (e.g. recommending a support group or conducting follow-up conversations with the client).

Cost for addiction treatment in West Virginia differs depending on the facility, how long the program lasts and how the program is paid for (private pay, insurance, etc.). As a general guide, outpatient centers are less costly when compared to inpatient facilities. However, a number of these centers are established as community empowerment programs thus offering their services for free. Additionally, with so many residents struggling with addiction issues throughout the state, West Virginia has allocated a substantial portion of government funds for rehabilitation programs to help treatment facilities subsidize the cost of their services. A number of payment methods like private health insurance, military insurance, self payment, Medi aid, and state financed payment among others are accepted by these facilities.

Residents of West Virginia struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction problems have numerous options to choose from. By accepting the fact that professional help is necessary to overcome one's addiction problem the process of getting better begins. Research, evaluation and the right program will set you or your loved one on the right path towards a clean and healthy life.

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