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Drug Rehabs in New Mexico

Statistics show that New Mexico has some of the highest number of drug addiction cases in the nation. The consequences of drug use throughout this state burdens New Mexico communities. For instance, in Bernalillo County the number of reported alcohol addiction incidences alone represents 30.8% of related complaints statewide, as compared to Rio Arriba County which reports 4.2%. The most common drugs reported to be abused in New Mexico are Heroin (33%), Morphine (50%), Antidepressants (16%), Cocaine (25%) and muscle relaxants (27%).

Luckily, there are quite a few drug rehab facilities around to help manage and treat residents. This has led to emergence of several different types of drug addiction treatment programs at renowned New Mexico drug rehab facilities.

Here is a look at some of them:

  • Residential Drug Treatment Program - A residential drug treatment program is also referred to as a therapeutic community since the treatment is administered in a residential setting (a non-hospital setting). Cumulatively, this type of program has been offered for more than 4 decades. The principle behind this type of program is that a patient with drug or alcoholism addiction can recover from the condition while he or she stays in a drug-free environment. Also, since clients in this treatment program can interact with fellow program participants 24/7, they're able to achieve their recovery goals faster. Research shows that this treatment program can be modified to treat clients with special needs including people with mental health issues, adolescents, homeless persons and gender specific care.
  • Individualized Drug Counseling - This type of program is suitable for all age groups, but more ideal for youths. According to the Youth Risk and Resiliency Survey, drug and alcohol abuse in New Mexico among youths remains relatively high; however, there has been a slight reduction in recent years for all substances. This has made this type of program very popular, as most youths think and feel it is more effective than other forms of rehabilitation. Individualized drug counseling programs not only deal with stopping or reducing drug abuse, but also address related areas of impaired functioning e.g. family relations and employment status; something that few programs do.
  • Outpatient Treatment Programs - New Mexico outpatient treatment programs are intended to motivate individuals to abstain completely from drug/alcohol abuse. Its role is to help clients reach an understanding about their own needs, addictions and the process for complete recovery. It is ideal for individuals who are capable of maintaining sobriety without the need of being confined in a structured environment. The biggest advantage with this treatment program is that program participants are free to continue most aspects of their daily life while receiving effective rehabilitation and peer counseling.
  • Drug Intervention Program - This program on the other hand involves allowing the individual suffering from drug addiction to realize the severity of his or her problem. It is ideal for youths because in most cases, youths tend to view their parents or relatives as reason for justifying their self-destructive actions. The program is non-judgmental, systematic as well as non-critical so the client does not have hard time recognizing his or her own actions.
  • 12-Step Program - Also known as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous, the 12-step program was developed in 1934 by two alcoholics. It involves the patient going to meetings with other drug addicts where the 12-steps are applied. Several of the 12-steps are based on biblical readings making this form of rehabilitation suitable for anyone who is objective about adopting Christian-based teachings.
  • Drug Detoxification Program - A drug detox program is an effective method for removing toxins that remain in the user's body after extensive alcohol and/or drug abuse. In this program, there are three main stages of drug detoxification namely emotional, medical and physical detox. Emotional detox enables individuals to cope with the changes they are undergoing. The medical detox on the other hand is done only under the supervision of a trained physician to avoid side effects while the physical detox is done so the patient can regain good health and strength.


There are many different types of treatment programs located throughout New Mexico. Different providers have their own unique requirements and strategies. In order to choose the best New Mexico drug rehab to meet your needs it is imperative that a great deal of research is done upfront before enrolling in a program.

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