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Drug Rehabs in Idaho

Substance abuse impacts all residents in the state of Idaho, a state which experiences very specific drug and alcohol problems which can have severe and lasting consequences for all residents. Recent studies and research indicates that residents in Idaho who struggle with substance abuse prefer amphetamines, such as methamphetamine, marijuana and alcohol as their drugs of choice. Alcohol is a drug which causes very serious consequences for Idaho residents in particular, which can be reflected in the rate of alcohol induced deaths which is 20% greater than the rest of the nation. Likewise, Idahoans also experience among the highest rates of drug induced deaths than any other region in the nation. This is reflected in the consequences of drug abuse in the state which affects children and families as well, with an estimated 80% of the child placements in the state being directly a result of drug abuse.

Methamphetamine has been seen to be the main problem in regards to such consequences and other legal outcomes, with an estimated 63% of felony drug court participants in the state stating that methamphetamine is their drug of choice. All Idaho residents pay the price for the methamphetamine problem in the state, with nearly $70 million dollars being spend each year to house male inmates who are stricken with a meth problem. But methamphetamine addiction cannot be resolved with punishment or jail time. It can only be resolved through effective rehabilitation.

The specific drug problems that Idaho residents face, particularly methamphetamine, are very serious and cannot be addressed overnight or in some type of program that isn't intensive enough to address a chronic and debilitating addiction. These types of addictions cause both physical and psychological challenges during the treatment process, which can only be fully resolved under constant supervision to prevent relapses and to ensure the appropriate treatment is given to ensure the individual doesn't relapse the minute they leave treatment. This can take months in some cases in an inpatient or residential drug rehab facility in Idaho, all of which is well worth the time and effort because so many lives are taken each year who don't receive this life saving treatment.

There are several drug rehab options and various programs of different lengths and intensity, as well as different treatment approaches for Idaho residents to take advantage of for any type of addiction. One of the options is the Access to Recovery program or ATR 4 in this case, which the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare has been granted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Access to Recovery provides funding in Idaho for both treatment and recovery support services to assist clients in long-term recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. This particular grant makes it possible for Idaho to provide treatment and recovery support services over the next three year period to military veterans who have a substance abuse problem and have either committed a crime or are on probation or parole, parents with a substance abuse problem who are involved in Child Welfare Court, and residents and families who are experiencing homelessness. Likewise, Idaho has a well-established system for helping pregnant mothers or mothers with children who need treatment, so that they can be rehabilitated in an environment conducive to having their children with them and if pregnant have all of their prenatal needs met as well.

There are of course options that Idahoans can take advantage of when they have private health insurance, and these options include inpatient addiction treatment, outpatient rehab, dual diagnosis programs, and private residential drug rehab facilities including luxury options. When having private health insurance that covers rehab, there are so many more choices, and this can benefit Idaho treatment clients greatly particularly if they would prefer an alternative to 12-step. Holistic programs are available through private health insurance in Idaho, and are completely drug free and help address the person as a whole so that they can experience the most success in treatment in the state.

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