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Drug Rehabs in Texas

In recent years Texas has experienced a new type of development that severely undermines the stability and prosperity of many residents' lives. We are referring to the development of several of the most successful and prolific drug smuggling channels in the USA. Entry ports between Mexico and Texas provide the opportunity for huge quantities of methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine and marijuana to be trafficked. Increase in international trade has made this easier and it is more difficult to detect drug shipments.

The drug cartels have become more sophisticated in their territorial control, with surveillance cameras and weapons. Violent incidents occur when one cartel oversteps the others turf. A recent increase in drug shipments is evident as the drug cartels adapt their methods to one up each other.

Texas Drug Use Statistics

The state of Texas has 25,674,681 residents and Austin is the capital. The alcohol and drug problems in Texas are as serious as anywhere else in the nation. The abuse of cocaine and crack cocaine are the primary drug problem for the state of Texas. A study revealed that students living closer to the border used twice the amount of cocaine compared to those that lived fifty miles inland. Crack is popular in the Fort Worth and Dallas areas. The availability of heroin has increased in recent years. The drug ecstasy has become popular among 18 to 24 year old's. Prescription medication abusers have increased their use of OxyContin. 15% of residents between the ages of 18 to 25 year old either abuse or are dependent on alcohol. The Recovery Initiative in Texas has been created by the state as a response to the alcohol and drug addiction epidemic in Texas.

Treatment and Rehabilitation Programs

Deciding which Texas drug rehab program will be the right choice can be overwhelming. Comparing the most affordable programs to those with the best drug rehabilitation statistics can make your head spin. When considering different drug rehab centers it is best to have information on each program's inpatient long-term, short-term and outpatient services. It is not a simple matter locating a good drug treatment center, especially if you do not know where to begin. There are counselors online that are available to assist anyone looking for the right treatment facility, whether it is in your home state of Texas or somewhere else. As the number of Texas rehab programs continues to rise, the decision on which treatment center is right for you or your loved one becomes increasingly more difficult; especially since each drug rehab center sometimes has a variety of treatment programs.

There are various treatment facilities in Texas for those who are determined to overcome their addictions. Statistics show that most individuals who attend rehab in Texas are residents of the state or come from Florida, New York, or New Mexico. The convenience of several airports throughout the state makes getting to rehab in Texas easy. Many facilities try to maintain an atmosphere that is homey; however, male and female residents are usually kept apart. Some offer outdoor activities that may include volleyball and swimming. A gym may also be available. Facilities usually have private space to walk and relax.

Rehabilitation centers offer multiple types of alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs. Most of these programs address specific drugs and are tailor made for individuals of different genders. The diversity of rehabilitation programs in Texas ensures that everyone is able to find one that is right for their needs.

Most recovery programs are divided into two categories, outpatient and inpatient programs. These are the approaches that all individuals will have to choose from when they decide to enroll in a drug recovery program. Outpatient programs will allow you to continue living at home while attending rehabilitation and counseling sessions. An inpatient program will ensure that you have a break from your regular life so that you are able to focus on your treatment and rehabilitation. Inpatient programs teach you how to live without drugs or alcohol. You will also learn alternatives to help you deal with stress and anxiety, without using mind altering substances. You will develop the ability to deal with physical and psychological problems in a constructive and healthy manner.

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