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Drug Rehabs in Mississippi

Mississippi is a state with serious problems and challenges in regards to substance abuse, and ensuring residents know about effective treatment available to them. Alcohol is the most commonly used and abused substance among both youth and adults in the state, with around 73% of youth reporting lifetime use and 12% of Mississippi adults reporting recent binge-drinking. The consequences of this can be highlighted in the statistics regarding alcohol impaired driving fatalities in the state, which are consistently twice as high as the national average. In terms of other drugs, 37% of Mississippi youth report lifetime use of marijuana which is a known gateway drug, and a very bad indicator of future potential drug use among youth in the state. The use of methamphetamine among Mississippi residents of all ages is also a very serious concern, and indictors for meth have been on the rise in recent years instead of the decline that is being seen in many other parts of the country.

Even though Mississippi is very much a rural state and it can sometimes be difficult for residents to reach out to a drug rehab program when they need it. There are multiple drug and alcohol rehabilitation program choices available for those who are seeking help. Many residents will be happy to know that there are even programs may be faith based, and some of these types of programs offer treatment at little or no cost to the individual needing help. There are even drug rehab programs in the state which are tailored to different gender types or the treatment of specific drugs, including drug free programs to treat opiate dependence which can help these addicts live a much higher quality of life as opposed to opiate maintenance programs. The huge diversity of these treatment programs make it easy for everyone to find a program that is right for them. Programs are divided into two main categories, inpatient/residential and outpatient. Depending on the severity of the addiction, environment, support and several other factors, you will fit into one of these two categories. For individuals experiencing severe dependency, it is always recommended to go with the most intensive program available, which would be a long-term inpatient or residential program in the state.

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Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in Mississippi

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