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Court Ordered Addiction Treatment

If you have a substance use disorder, there is a high risk that you could get involved with the criminal justice system in the course of your drug taking and alcohol drinking. If this happens, you may get the option to attend court ordered addiction treatment instead of getting incarcerated.

This will happen if the court system requires that you participate in substance abuse or mental health treatment as part of your rehabilitation. However, you need to understand that the requirements for this type of court mandated treatment will vary widely based on many different factors. Read on to find out more:

Most courts of law in the United States can require you to participate in an addiction treatment and rehabilitation program if you commit a drug related offense. When this happens, you could be said to be engaging in court ordered addiction treatment.

Today, there are many drug courts in the country. They provide comprehensive therapeutic experiences from the time you get arrested to the period when you complete all the requirements of probation and parole.

Through a court ordered addiction treatment program, you will get the opportunity to receive treatment and rehabilitation services for your substance use disorders and any other co-occurring mental health disorders that might have caused you to commit a drug related crime or offense.

This type of rehab occurs when you get the opportunity to attend treatment services instead of spending time in jail. You can only get it if the prosecution and judge preceding over your case believe - without any reasonable doubt - that you would be able to benefit from going for addiction treatment instead of getting into jail.

Overall, court ordered addiction treatment refers to the mandatory addiction rehabilitation that you would receive as ordered by your judge during a court ruling. It is often provided in lieu or in place of a prison term. It is quite common for people who have committed a crime while under the influence and intoxication of addictive substances - both legal and illicit.

Who Is Court Ordered Addiction Treatment Best For?

As long as you are a parent, juvenile, or adult with a substance use problem and you find yourself in a drug court as a result of committing a drug related crime, you may be able to benefit from court ordered addiction treatment. Examples of the drug related crimes that you may have committed include:

  • Crimes that are directly related to substances of abuse, including stealing so that you can pay for these drugs
  • Engaging in illegal behavior that would typically increase your risk of substance abuse, including associating with drug users
  • Possession of drugs
  • Trafficking drugs

However, you also need to keep in mind that each jurisdiction and state differs in terms of the criteria that are in place. You need to meet some or most of these criteria to be able to receive a court ordered addiction treatment sentence in lieu of other legal punitive measures. They include:

  • Being willing to comply with all the requirements from the drug court as part of your court ordered addiction treatment
  • Being willing to plead guilty to the crime
  • Evidence that you were intoxicated on drugs/alcohol when you committed the crime that you are being tried for
  • Getting arrested for committing a drug-related crime
  • Having committed fewer than 3 drug-related crimes or offenses
  • Having no history of violence or sexual abuse
  • Proof that your addiction and substance abuse directly contributed to the criminal action you engaged in

Even so, you should keep in mind that a history of substance abuse is not the only reason why you may be required to go for court ordered drug rehab. If you can also prove that you have a history of poor mental health, you may also be asked to go for this type of treatment.

If your history does not show that you have a clinically diagnosable substance use disorder, you may not have to go for complete treatment. Instead, the court order might ask that you seek less intensive recovery services, such as addiction educational and prevention classes.

You may also receive a court order to attend rehab if you meet the following additional criteria:

  • The court believed that you would be able to benefit from the time you spend in an addiction treatment program
  • The crime you committed was nonviolent
  • You are qualified for a probation sentence
  • You committed the crime as an indirect or direct result of your drug and alcohol dependence and abuse
  • You were addicted to drugs when you committed the crime
  • Your disposition would allow you to benefit from a drug rehab program

How Long Is Court Ordered Addiction Treatment?

Like any other type of drug rehab, court ordered addiction treatment will vary based on many different factors. In general, however, most of these treatment programs take the following formats:

  • 28 day drug rehab programs
  • 30 day drug rehab programs
  • 60 day drug rehab programs
  • 90 day drug rehab programs
  • 120 day drug rehab programs
  • 6 day drug rehab programs
  • Long term day drug rehab programs that last for a year, or even longer

As part of your court ordered treatment, you may be able to choose a more intensive drug rehab program that lasts much longer. By so doing, you will get the opportunity to start building a lifestyle of sobriety.

However, you can also reduce the duration of the court ordered addiction treatment program by ensuring that you meet the following terms that may have been set as part of your sentence:

  • A sentence that lasts anywhere between 12 and 24 months.
  • Agreeing to random alcohol and drug tests.
  • Compulsory participation in all the substance abuse treatments that were ordered by the court
  • Ensuring that you get regular updates from your meetings with the officials appointed by the court
  • Ensuring your complete abstinence from all the addictive substances that you were abusing
  • Taking part in community service.

Average Cost of Court Ordered Addiction Treatment

Court ordered addiction treatment is also like any other type of drug rehab in the sense that the cost will be based on many different factors. These include but are not limited to:

  • Availability of funding
  • Location of the drug rehab center
  • Staffing at the drug rehab center
  • The total length or duration of the program

Although taxpayers often end up paying for most of the drug related costs incurred by the criminal justice system, you will be required to pay for court ordered addiction treatment. This might cost you anywhere between $5,000 and $30,000 based on the duration of treatment, the type of drug rehab program you choose, and the facility that you enroll in.

If you end up spending time in a sober living or halfway house, you can also expect to pay for the costs of your daily bills and rent. Attending support group meetings may be free but you still need to think about the cost of your transportation to these meetings.

Since you will be paying for court ordered addiction treatment, you may be able to choose the recovery program that you are going to enroll in. this is an important consideration because your placement in drug rehab will not negate your sentence until after you have successfully completed your treatment.

Overall, the cost of treatment even in a court ordered drug rehab will vary based on many different factors. If you are not able to afford such treatment, you should consider enrolling in a center that offers sliding scale payment services to ensure that you will be able to pay for your treatment over the long term.

You also have the option of private addiction treatment, although this could end up costing you upwards of several thousands of dollars. If you are unable to afford these options, you should think about choosing a free drug rehab program.

How Do I Go About Finding Court Ordered Addiction Treatment?

Although you may have received a sentence for a court ordered addiction treatment program, you may still not want to go for such treatment. For this reason, it is important that you try to check into such a program - otherwise you may end up spending time in jail.

There are many things that you should do while looking for the right court ordered drug rehab program. However, you need to understand the sentencing restrictions and requirements regarding this type of rehab will vary from one case to the next as well as between states.

Although some courts will limit your options for addiction treatment, many others could allow you greater flexibility in terms of the programs that you can choose. Before you enroll for treatment, you need to understand all these specifications.

While looking for the right court ordered addiction treatment program, consider the following guidelines that could increase the success rates of the program:

  • The program should be highly structured
  • The program should be reasonably flexible
  • The treatment length should be anywhere between 3 and 9 months, or even longer
  • You should receive regular tests and evaluation sessions

Overall, court ordered addiction treatment might be more preferable than spending time in jail for a drug crime that you committed. However, you still need to take your time choosing the type of drug rehab that you are going to enroll in. This way, you will be in a better position to ensure that you have higher chances of achieving full recovery from your substance abuse and addiction.


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