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Drug Rehabs in Michigan

With a population of nearly 10 million residents, the state of Michigan faces a very big task when it comes to the prevention, detection and treatment of substance abuse issues in the state. Alcohol abuse in particular is a problem in Michigan, where nearly 17% of adults are binge drinkers according to statistics. Non-medical use of prescription drugs is the most serious drug problem in the state at the moment, with pain killers in particular causing the most problems for residents. Recent statistics show that nearly 6 million prescriptions for the pain killer hydrocodone were dispensed to Michigan residents in 2010, which is a very alarming statistic because this means the drug is most likely being obtained legitimately in many cases but abused in ways other than prescribed to get high. Other prescription drugs are also being abused at very high rates including drugs which are opioid agonists and typically used to treat individuals going through opioid withdrawal, such as Suboxone and Subutex. And like other states, Michigan is beginning to experience a rise in rates of heroin abuse, because people who once abused pain killers switch to the drug because it is more affordable and easier to obtain.

There is a need for increased awareness about many of the issues surrounding substance abuse in the state, but also effective treatment for residents who develop an addiction that they can't control and stop on their own. While the state has done its role in putting enough recovery centers within the state to help addicts recover and live normal healthy lives, there are several privately owned rehabs in Michigan that can help people recover from drug addiction perhaps more effectively. But one has to choose carefully when making this decision and choose a program which best suits their needs.

There are several factors Michigan residents have to consider when selecting an ideal rehab center. Certification and accreditation are important factors, along with location, length of stay provided, and the treatment approach that will be the core of the program the individual is taking part in. Inpatient and residential facilities which are outside of major urban centers in the state provide an ideal environment for individuals to recover in. While short-term inpatient and residential treatment is often the most sought after, individuals should realize that more time may be needed to recover 100% from addiction and dependence that has persisted for several months or years. In long-term facilities, they can have a 90-120 day treatment plan set up for them to handle their specific challenges and set them up for success instead of another setback when they return home.

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