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Drug Rehabs in Massachusetts

Drug addiction is one of the most serious and dangerous threats to the quality of life for residents living in Massachusetts. Also, the problem of drug addiction is not just restricted to alcohol and illicit drugs; there are thousands of residents addicted to prescription drugs throughout the state, a number which increases every day. During 2014, Massachusetts drug and alcohol rehab programs enrolled 84,719 individuals; the gender ratio was 69% male to 31% female. Heroin addiction was the leading reason behind the majority of drug rehab enrollments during 2014. 54.2% (45,955 individuals) of Massachusetts drug rehab admissions during 2014 cited heroin as their primary substance of abuse. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has reported that more than 1,000 individuals across the state died of opioid-related overdoses last year; this is a 33% increase from 2012 statistics. State police report that during just the first three months of 2015 there were 217 suspected heroin overdoses in Massachusetts; this number does not include Boston, Worcester and Springfield.

Alcohol addiction was the second leading reason behind drug rehab enrollments in the state during 2014. 24.2% (20,510 individuals) of drug rehab enrollments in the state during that year cited alcohol addiction as their reason for seeking treatment. Statistics on Massachusetts drug rehab enrollments following heroin and alcohol addiction enrollments include: 9% enrolled due to addiction to alcohol with a secondary drug, 4.9% enrolled due to other opiates addiction problems and 3.2% enrolled due to marijuana addiction.

When addiction has taken control of the person's life it becomes nearly impossible for them to stop using on their own. Changes in the user's brain and body have taken place over time, brought on by their substance abuse. These changes will often cause most individuals to put their addiction first and foremost on their list of priorities in life, as they let everything and everyone else who once mattered to them slip away.

Therefore, it is essential for individuals who are in this horrible situation and want to stop using to locate a Massachusetts drug rehab program. By enrolling in a drug and alcohol rehab facility the addicted individual can receive the proper care and attention they need to resolve their addiction. The earlier one realizes they need help quitting alcohol or drugs, the less of a toll their addiction will take on their lives. One of the greatest benefits of choosing to get help at a Massachusetts drug rehab is that it is the safest and most suitable place for drug and alcohol dependent individuals to come off the substances they are dependent on smoothly and safely. This is because alcohol and some drugs such as heroin or prescription medications can have extremely unpleasant or even life threatening withdrawal symptoms. Going through withdrawal under professional supervision is part of the standard recovery process for the majority of drug rehab programs in Massachusetts.

Deciding on which type of drug rehab program is critical. The individual must be matched with a program that will effectively help them overcome their addiction, while assisting them in reaching their full potential as a clean and sober member of their family and community. Though there are a number of free treatment programs available throughout the state, these programs are not always able to provide the quality of service or appropriate level of treatment needed for individuals with serious addiction issues. Likewise, outpatient programs may not be suitable in these instances either. This more relaxed style of drug rehab allows for easy access to drugs and alcohol when the program participant is not at the outpatient drug rehab facility. Many clients find the pressures of abstinence and the cravings too much to bear. Unfortunately, relapses are quite common during, and shortly after outpatient drug rehab programs. However, there are affordable inpatient and residential drug rehab centers all across Massachusetts; many of which will even work with your private health insurance carrier to determine what is and isn't covered by insurance.

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