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Drug Rehabs in Utah

A study by the Bureau of Health and Human Services found that Utah ranked number one in prescription drug abuse in the United States. The study covered the use of prescription medications between 2004 and 2005 revealing that 6.5% of Utah's population used prescription drugs without a doctors knowledge. Furthermore, the study showed an upsetting pattern of painkiller use among children in middle and high school. Specifically, 7.88% of 12 to 17 year-olds and 13.49% of 18 to 25 year-olds used painkillers for non-medical reasons. The statistic for residents over the age of 25 was only 4.32%. It is thought that prescription drug abuse is becoming more common in young students as compared to adults because these youths are under the misconception that using prescription drugs is "cool". Many of these youngsters take drugs from their relatives or purchase them in the city. Drugs like Lortab can cost as little as $3 to $5 per pill. Only a few students seek the help of unscrupulous doctors to support their habit.

The Obsession with Drugs

A severely drug addicted individual will find that they cannot stop taking prescription medications, despite the fact that they realize they need to do so. The desire to use them makes it difficult for such a person to control their urges, but they realize that the drugs are having an awful effect on their well-being. Nobody ever plans to wind up as an addict. No one desires to be a slave to medications or hard-core drugs. At first, they like how the drugs make them feel, and they assume that they can control their urges. The use of these drugs increases over time without them taking note of it and before long, the medications change the physiology of their body. They will require drugs just for them to feel as if they are ordinary people after a short time. Then it turns into an obsession for these substances. Obsessions with them quickly take control over their life. The physical impulse to use these drugs reaches critical levels.

The Severity of the Drug Situation in Utah

The number of people in Utah dying due to an overdose from physician prescribed medication is on the rise. As mentioned earlier, Utah has one of the most elevated per capita rates in the nation. Overdoses from physician-endorsed medication in 2005 represented more than double the number of deaths from illicit drugs. Information from the Bureau of Health Study in 2006 showed that prescription painkillers contributed to nearly 20% of the deaths from overdoses.

Statistics show that the average person in Utah who dies due to a drug overdose is 40 years of age and overweight. However, recent studies refuted this theory demonstrating that young and socially active individuals are the ones abusing prescription painkillers. Interestingly, data shows that Utah's retail supply of painkillers is higher than average in other U.S. states. Furthermore, a study by the Utah Department of Health (2010) highlights money related issues as being the primary concern among people who died from medication overdoses. Other concerns included a past filled with substance abuse and mental health problems.

The Advantages of Drug Rehab in Utah

It is not safe to go through alcohol or drug detox without professional supervision to monitor the individual's symptoms. A medical program is available through several professional drug rehab programs in Utah. These skilled detox specialists can help the recovering individual manage the physical strain that accompanies the detoxification process though medication and counseling.

Keep in mind, determining the right Utah drug rehab program is essential in overcoming addiction once and for all. Seeking out treatment programs on the Internet is one way of beginning the process, while asking your doctor or counselor for a referral is another excellent way of finding a program.

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