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Drug Rehabs in Nevada

Nevada is home to 2,723,322 residents and the state capital is Carson City, NV. Las Vegas is located in Nevada, and is commonly referred to as "Sin City". With this nickname, it is not surprising that alcohol and drug addiction issues are an ongoing problem for many residents living in the state. Statistics show that 9.6% of people admitted to Nevada treatment facilities were suffering from a cocaine addiction, 12.6% from marijuana addiction, 5.6% from heroin addiction and 26.6% from an alcohol addiction.

A significant problem in the urban areas of Nevada is cocaine, specifically crack cocaine. In northern Nevada Cocaine HCI is moderately available, while in the southern areas it can be easily found. The most prevalent form of heroin in Nevada remains Mexican black tar.

Marijuana that is domestically cultivated and Mexican grown is widely available in Nevada. Patients meeting specific medical requirement s living in Nevada have been allowed to use marijuana for medicinal purposes since the Nevada Assembly Bill 453 was signed into law in June 2001.

The most frequently encountered and available drug, both in distribution and personal use quantities is methamphetamine. The most easily to obtain form of this substance throughout Nevada is Mexican crystal meth. Mexican produced crystal methamphetamine purity levels have decreased from 90%-99% down to the 50% range.

Club drugs are readily available in Las Vegas, other southern cities, and northern urban areas of Nevada. They are abused at raves, adult entertainment clubs and local nightclubs.

Hydrocodone, Xanax, codeine, diazepam, Ketamine, Lortab and oxycodone are the pharmaceutical controlled substances of choice in Nevada. Due to the high volume of teens and young adults in the state abusing prescription medications, authorities have been conducting prescription drug abuse prevention pick up days. On these days, Nevada residents may safely dispose of their prescription medications.

Data collected by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) reports that approximately 188,000 Nevada citizens ages 12 and older reported use of an illicit drug in the past month. Drug/alcohol treatment admissions during a single year were 10,059 in Nevada. However, there are 48,000 Nevada citizens that have reported needing and not receiving treatment for taking illicit drugs within the past year.

Many of Nevada's alcohol and drug rehabilitation treatment centers are equipped with the most up to date medical care facilities. Unfortunately, recent medical studies reveal that the number of people recovering from substance abuse have been steadily in decline. Nevada drug treatment centers have customized rehab programs and highly qualified medical professionals that know how to deal with addiction problems.

Drug Rehab Programs

If you are looking for a drug rehabilitation treatment or a long-term rehabilitation program, it is important to be knowledgeable so that you are able to make a well informed decision and choose the correct treatment option.

Individuals who are basically happy and able to identify and solve problems are far less likely to abuse alcohol or drugs. Individuals use substances to relieve underlying issues. These issues can go undetected as their drug or alcohol abuse escalates. Their chaotic and detrimental behavior affects not only their lives, but also the lives of their loved ones.

Treatment in Nevada

The first two weeks of treatment are probably the most difficult. Thoughts of past drug experiences and overwhelming feelings of discomfort can lead the addict straight back to drugs, especially if they are close to home or where they took drugs. It is precisely for this reason that people should carefully consider before they choose their rehab program. Some long-term programs can last for up to a year.

A person struggling with a severe long-term addiction problem should think about checking into a long-term treatment program. This type of program will remove them from their day to day life and provide them with a safe, secure drug-free environment where they are able to focus on their rehabilitation. A long-term rehab provides the individual with the chance to become used to living day to day without any drugs. It also allows individuals to unravel their underlying issues and deal with them.

Short-term treatment programs are more affordable and can range from a week to a 28 day program. Persons that do not have a drug or alcohol addiction that has been long-term usually do well in these programs. Many of these types of programs include a complete detox and rehabilitation process.

For someone who has become chronically addicted to drugs or alcohol, long-term care is their best option in achieving sobriety. Outpatient or short-term treatment for severe drug addiction has a very low success rate and should only be considered as a last resort. Anyone who has a drug addiction problem needs time to sort through their issues that led them to this dilemma. It takes time to get clean, and for this reason no treatment should ever be too short or limited if successful results are to be achieved.

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