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Drug Rehabs in California

Research and studies confirm that substance abuse is the number one cause of premature death in the state of California. There are an estimated 855,000 drug users in the state in fact, and substances like methamphetamine and cocaine are among the most popular illicit drugs of choice among residents. Prescription drug abuse however has also become an ever-growing problem in the region, not just for adults but teens as well. This highlights the need that prevention efforts and treatment have to be the utmost priority in the state so that residents and the state in general can avoid and prevent many of the consequences of substance abuse that can be so devastating.

In 2013, nearly 81% of all arrests made in Sacramento involved people who tested positive for illicit drugs. Additionally three out of every ten car accidents statewide involve the use of illegal drugs, which doesn't even take into account the car accidents caused by prescription drug use or those resulting from the use of alcohol. Rates for alcohol-related emergency department visits in California are over twice as high as the rates for illicit and prescription drugs. In addition, emergency department rates indicate that visits for other drugs are primarily related to opioids including heroin and prescription pain killers which have increased significantly from 17.1% in 2006 to 22.3% in 2009.

The answer is treatment, and the most effective programs are 90-day treatment centers which provide qualified medical support throughout the initial detoxification process. This is particularly crucial for clients who are alcohol dependent, so that potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms including delirium tremens can be kept at bay. After the detoxification process is complete, patients also have access to in-house, group and individual counseling, goal-setting activities and programs that foster improved life-planning skills. There are currently 325 such facilities in the state that offer 90-day treatment for alcohol and drug abuse. Many of these facilities provide continuing support on an outpatient basis after the patient's three months of in-house treatment have been completed. Because the treatment process and continuing after-care plans provide such a robust system of support, these types of programs have a much higher success rates than most other programs available in the state.

There are also more than 1500 outpatient rehab programs that California locals can use to maintain sobriety or to deal with moderate drug problems before they spiral out of control. Outpatient programs are commonly recommended for those who have recently left the experimental stage and are finding themselves using drugs or alcohol on a daily basis, while also experiencing a number of negative life consequences due to this use. Outpatient programs are also ideal for those individuals who have recently completed 90-day treatment and require continuing support. These can include live-in facilities in which people have the ability to maintain jobs, go to school and visit with their families while using their life planning skills to ensure ongoing sobriety. Outpatient programs can also be as simple as scheduled weekly or twice-weekly meetings at which former users can get motivation and support from counselors, seek resources and offer their assistance to others.

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