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Drug Rehabs in Illinois

There are so many different causes and risk factors associated with drug addiction, and these can be unique to the person experiencing the addiction. In many instances, individuals turn to drugs or alcohol as a temporary solution such as to relieve stress or to escape from a problem, but when drug and alcohol use persists despite the consequences involved the problem becomes too great for the individual to be able to control it. This is how addiction evolves and why treatment is really the only solution for it. The state of Illinois has the 12th lowest drug overdose mortality rate in the United States, which is a reliable indicator for rates of substance abuse in the state. However the number of drug overdose deaths in Illinois have increased by nearly 50% since 1999, so the substance abuse problem may not be as bad as it is in other states but rates are still on the rise in Illinois as are the consequences. Most of the overdose deaths in the state each year are from accidental overdose, in most cases associated with non-medical use of prescription drugs.

As is the case throughout the rest of the nation, prescription drug abuse is a primary problem which is resulting in the unnecessary and preventable loss of lives of residents in the state of Illinois. Opioid prescription drugs are the main culprit and are the main cause of the drug overdose deaths in Illinois. And while Illinois has the lowest amount of per capita opioid prescriptions written and filled, the state's death rate due to prescription opioids is much higher than it should be at 10.5 per 100,000 residents. Likewise, states which experience high rates of prescription opioid abuse start to see higher rates of heroin abuse and heroin overdose deaths, which is the case with Illinois. The number of heroin overdose in 2014 was up from 583 in 2013 to 633.

Alcohol is the most prevalent substance of abuse among both adults and youth in Illinois, and heroin and prescription killers are a close second. Heroin is the drug of choice according to treatment admissions to publicly funded drug rehab facilities in the state, yet nearly 500,000 residents in Illinois are abusing prescription opioids as well. As mentioned above there are a staggering number of drug overdose each year in the state, and with so many people losing their battle with addiction in the state each year, the importance of early intervention cannot possibly by underestimated.

Individuals struggling with chronic long-term addiction in the state and with alcoholism often require professionally supervised detox services because these types of issues sometimes present symptoms during the detox process which can be life threatening. So just to be safe, it is always best to begin one's journey of becoming abstinent in a quality drug rehab program which can deliver safe detox services. Outpatient programs may or may not provide such services, but practically all inpatient and residential drug rehab programs in Illinois do and are also prepared to deliver further treatment following detox so ensure the clients is stabilized in other ways which will encourage a full recovery. For example, just detoxing is only address the physical side of addiction, which isn't the real problem to begin with.

There are nearly 700 programs to choose from in Illinois, including 561 outpatient programs. Because these programs are often not intensive enough to successfully help clients abstain from drugs long-term, there are also over 100 residential non-hospital programs and 27 hospital inpatient programs in the state. Fortunately, nearly 400 of the drug treatment programs are accessible financially for clients because they are covered through private health insurance and many of these facilities even provide financial assistance, including 436 which offer a sliding scale fee.

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