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Drug Rehabs in South Dakota

Across the United States each state is working hard to win the war on drugs, yet none have been able to accomplish this difficult goal. In South Dakota, there are a large number of cases of addiction to ecstasy, meth, cocaine, and alcohol among other illicit drugs. Cocaine has been a major problem in the western part of the state. Currently, the biggest concern in South Dakota is the steady increase in the use of ecstasy and prescription drugs.

A recent study by the U.S. Department of Justice revealed that there are increasing cases of illicit drug use and interstate drug trafficking. Based on the department's report:

  • Meth is a widely used substance in South Dakota and is considered a major problem in the state.
  • A majority of the meth in South Dakota is smuggled across the state's borders while some is made in the rural areas of South Dakota in homemade labs.
  • Marijuana continues to be a drug threat in South Dakota due to the smuggling of the high grade Marijuana across North Dakota from Canada.

Alcohol addiction in South Dakota is also a major concern. Just like North Dakota, the state ranks high in binge alcohol use among people aged 12 and over. That, together with the persistent use of other illicit drugs among the younger population in the state has necessitated the growth of residential as well as outpatient rehab centers.

Ending an addiction to alcohol or drugs is never easy, especially for the youth in South Dakota. Most of them have tried quitting drugs, but experience little to no success. Drug addiction is similar to a mental health problem that requires special treatment and counseling. Thus, the best way to get over drug addiction is enrolling in one of South Dakota's drug rehabilitation programs. Although there are a limited number of South Dakota alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers, the facilities available are excellent and staffed by the most dedicated and caring professional counsellors and staff members in the field.

South Dakota's Alcoholism and Drug Treatment Programs

South Dakota boasts a large number of residential and outpatient rehab centers. These programs are meant to help the state's youth overcome their drug addiction problem. The rehabs centers are categorized into residential and outpatient centers but some can be classified as private or public.

Residential Rehabs

In a residential rehab, the program participant resides at the treatment facility during their recovery. This allows them the time and drug-free environment necessary to focus on overcoming their addiction issues. While they are enrolled in the program they leave behind their day to day lives in order to learn and adapt to living life clean and sober. Patients are also taken through a series of intense counseling sessions which are meant to see them through the recovery process.

Outpatient Rehabs

Outpatient rehab programs usually give individuals the freedom of maintaining their work or school responsibilities. These less intensive types of programs also provide a way for them to interact with their families and friends while undergoing recovery. Outpatient rehabs are primarily about addiction counselling. That's why both the outpatient and residential rehabs in South Dakota consider counselling (both individual and group) as an important aspect in the rehabilitation process.

Addiction counselling sessions help the recovering individual by:

  • Addressing the root cause of their drug addiction
  • Developing a viable strategy for overcoming their addiction
  • Openly and honestly talking about their recovery
  • Making fully informed and better decisions in the future regarding drug and substance abuse

Many South Dakota drug rehab programs provide alcohol and detox services to their program participants. This is a very important first step in the recovery process. During detoxification, the individual completely stops using alcohol and drugs and lets their body readjust to functioning clean and sober. For recovering individuals who are physically dependent on their drug of choice, medications are often employed to prevent any harmful physical withdrawal symptoms and ease the discomfort associated with this process.

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