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Drug Rehabs in Montana

The state of Montana has seen a resurgence of certain drug trends which are cause for concern in the state. More specifically, alcohol is the most abused substance and has been for some time, affecting both youth and adults in the state at very high rates and far exceeding rates of illicit drug abuse in the state. Having said that, the rate of recent drug abuse among Montana residents exceeds the national average among residents 12 and older and among young adults aged 18-25. The state is actually in the top 10 of states for recent illicit drug use among residents 12 and older, with marijuana being the drug of choice, but opiates which includes heroin and prescription pain killers being a very close 2nd. It's no surprise that Montana residents also experience a higher rate of drug-induced deaths as a direct consequence of such high rates of substance abuse in the state.

In Montana, there are both short and long term programs. For short term centers individuals will remain in an inpatient or residential setting for 30 days or less whereas in a long term facility for 90-120 days on average. Outpatient treatment is delivered in the state as well, and instead of remaining in treatment, individuals can maintain their daily lives somewhat while receiving treatment. Yet taking a step back from one's normal every day routine and benefitting from a change of environment in an inpatient or residential setting is only one of the many benefits of more intensive programs offered in the state, which is also a contributing factor to why such programs have much higher success rates than outpatient programs. If paying for a quality treatment program is the main concern, this is just a little bump in the road that can be resolved with the help of treatment counselors. Insurance covers treatment in many cases, and in some cases individuals can receive payment assistance or even pay for rehab through a line of credit. The first step is speaking with a treatment counselor at a treatment center in Montana who can be supportive and help get all of these details worked out and get the rehab process started right away.

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