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Drug Rehabs in Arizona

The drug and alcohol problem in the state of Arizona can be highlighted by its consequences, with the state currently ranking 6th in its rate of drug overdose mortality out of all other states in the nation. Recent statistics cultivated in recent years through studies and research of the drug and alcohol problem among Arizona residents indicate that alcohol continues to be the most commonly used substance among both Arizona youth and adults. Marijuana use is also a significant problem, and surprisingly Arizona adults between the ages of 50-59 are the most prominent illicit drug users in the state. This is most likely a result of the baby boomer generation continuing to use drugs even as they become senior citizens.

Like many other states in the nation, Arizona struggles with an even more insidious drug problem of prescription drug abuse. This would be non-medical use of any type of prescription drug other than intended and prescribed. An estimated 10% of Arizona residents are doing so, with nearly 50% of such residents abusing prescription pain relievers and over 30% reporting abuse of sedatives.

Other consequences of drug use which make the problem even more obvious are statistics which impact the criminal justice system in the state. And nearly 90% of juveniles newly admitted in the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections struggle with some type of substance dependence or are currently abusing drugs or alcohol. Among adults, arrest records indicate that alcohol is the substance most often used during the commission of crimes in the state which lead to incarceration, at around 48%. Marijuana and methamphetamine use rates among arrestees in Arizona have also increased in recent years among new inmates in the state.

Fixing the problem will take time and a concerted effort among state and local entities as well as public and private drug rehab facilities that can provide the types of services needed to resolve the problem fully for residents who can no longer help themselves. Thankfully, there are numerous drug rehab facilities in Arizona available to people in need of rehabilitation services ranging from outpatient programs and much more intensive and comprehensive services which can be offered in either inpatient or residential facilities.

When deciding on either an inpatient or outpatient treatment facility in Arizona, you first have to determine how serious the problem is. Inpatient drug rehab centers are the most appropriate treatment option in Arizona for individuals who have been struggling with a chronic drug or alcohol addiction. They can stay at the rehab facility during the treatment process so that they have all of the support necessary throughout the treatment process, where in outpatient treatment facilities clients continue living at home during the treatment process and may be more susceptible to relapse during times of difficulty.

While outpatient programs in the state may be the preference for many clients because they are convenient, years or results and studies indicate that inpatient programs are the most effective approach to dealing with drug addiction in Arizona because patients are on-site 24-hours a day with no access to drugs or alcohol and in an environment that encourages a full recovery. Success rates tend to increase dramatically especially when they spend one to three months in a program because of its effectiveness.

There are more options beyond this as well, with programs fine tunes to meet the specific needs of various clients, including teen rehab programs which focus more on addressing the problems of teenagers in recovery by adjusting treatments to what they require at the particular time in recovery. There are also gender-specific rehab programs which provide care for men or women, and even gay, lesbian and transgender clients. Arizona also has many faith-based programs which incorporate various religious philosophies into the treatment models they use, and holistic programs whose treatment involves the approach of a whole body perspective, 12-step programs and the like.

The cost for drug rehab in Arizona can vary, depending upon the center, how long the client will remain in rehab, the quality of care provided, etc. Many facilities in Arizona do offer very affordable payment options or are even covered by different types of insurance while others may be more expensive if luxury amenities are provided, such as a residential drug rehab program for example. It is very important to look beyond cost of the program and simply choose the most suitable for the client being treated and their unique circumstances. Choose the best treatment facility and with just a little investment of time and effort anyone can overcome addiction.

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